Power cut

a temporary interruption or reduction in the supply of electrical power to a particular area Sometimes shortened to cut


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  • Power cycle

    (Or “cycle power”, “cycle”) To turn a machine’s power off and on, with the intention of clearing some kind of hung or gronked state. Synonym 120 reset; see also Big Red Switch. Compare Vulcan nerve pinch, bounce and boot, and see the AI Koan about Tom Knight and the novice. [Jargon File]

  • Power-dive

    [pou-er-dahyv] /ˈpaʊ ərˌdaɪv/ verb (used with or without object), power-dived or power-dove, power-dived, power-diving. Aeronautics. 1. to cause to perform or to perform a power dive. noun, Aeronautics. 1. a dive, especially a steep dive, by an aircraft in which the engine or engines are delivering thrust at or near full power. noun 1. a […]

  • Powerdomain

    theory The powerdomain of a domain D is a domain containing some of the subsets of D. Due to the asymmetry condition in the definition of a partial order (and therefore of a domain) the powerdomain cannot contain all the subsets of D. This is because there may be different sets X and Y such […]

  • Power dressing

    noun 1. a style of dressing in severely tailored suits, adopted by some women executives to project an image of efficiency noun a style of business attire intended to convey influence or authority

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