punctum punc·tum (pŭngk’təm)
n. pl. punc·ta (-tə)


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  • Punctum vasculosum

    punctum vasculosum punctum vas·cu·lo·sum (vās’kyə-lō’səm) n. One of the minute dots seen on a brain section, due to small drops of blood at the cut extremities of arteries.

  • Puncture

    [puhngk-cher] /ˈpʌŋk tʃər/ noun 1. the act of piercing or perforating, as with a pointed instrument or object. 2. a hole or mark so made. 3. Zoology. a small pointlike depression. verb (used with object), punctured, puncturing. 4. to pierce or perforate, as with a pointed instrument: to puncture leather with an awl. 5. to […]

  • Puncture wound

    puncture wound n. A wound that is deeper than it is wide, produced by a narrow pointed object.

  • Puncture-weed

    noun 1. a caltrop, Tribulus terrestris, having spiny fruit that can puncture tires.

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