a large American swallow, Progne subis, the male of which is blue-black.


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  • Purple-mite

    noun 1. . noun 1. a large mite, Panonychus citri, that is an important pest of citrus.

  • Purple-of-cassius

    [kash-uh s, kash-ee-uh s, kah-see-uh s] /ˈkæʃ əs, ˈkæʃ i əs, ˈkɑ si əs/ noun 1. a purple pigment precipitated as a sol by the interaction of gold chloride and a solution of stannic acid and stannous chloride: used chiefly in the manufacture of ruby glass, ceramic glazes, and enamels.

  • Purple-passion

    noun 1. a variety of the velvet plant, Gynura aurantiaca, having trailing stems and leaves densely covered with purple hairs, grown as a houseplant.

  • Purple patch

    noun 1. Also called purple passage. a section in a piece of writing characterized by rich, fanciful, or ornate language 2. (slang) a period of success, good fortune, etc

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