noun, Education.


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  • Quality-time

    noun 1. time devoted exclusively to nurturing a cherished person or activity.

  • Qualm

    [kwahm, kwawm] /kwɑm, kwɔm/ noun 1. an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct; compunction: He has no qualms about lying. 2. a sudden feeling of apprehensive uneasiness; misgiving: a sudden qualm about the success of the venture. 3. a sudden sensation or onset of faintness or illness, especially of nausea. /kwɑːm/ noun […]

  • Qualmish

    [kwah-mish, kwaw-] /ˈkwɑ mɪʃ, ˈkwɔ-/ adjective 1. tending to have, or having, . 2. nauseous; nauseated. 3. of the nature of a . 4. likely to cause .

  • Quam

    [es-se kwahm wi-de-ree; English es-ee kwam vi-dair-ahy] /ˈɛs sɛ kwɑm ˈwɪ dɛ ri; English ˈɛs i kwæm vɪˈdɛər aɪ/ Latin. 1. to be rather than to seem: motto of North Carolina.

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