[rey-dee-oh-tel-i-tahyp] /ˌreɪ di oʊˈtɛl ɪˌtaɪp/

Also called radioteletypewriter
[rey-dee-oh-tel-i-tahyp-rahy-ter, -tel-i-tahyp-rahy-] /ˌreɪ di oʊˌtɛl ɪˈtaɪpˌraɪ tər, -ˈtɛl ɪ taɪpˌraɪ-/ (Show IPA). a teletypewriter equipped for transmitting or receiving messages by radio instead of wire.
the equipment relating to transmission by radioteletypes, taken as a whole.
a teleprinter that transmits or receives information by means of radio waves rather than by cable or wire
a network of such devices widely used for communicating news, messages, information, etc


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