[ran-dl] /ˈræn dl/

a male given name.


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  • Randallstown

    [ran-dlz-toun] /ˈræn dlzˌtaʊn/ noun 1. a city in N Maryland, near Baltimore.

  • Randan

    [ran-dan] /ˈræn dæn/ noun 1. a rowboat designed for three people, one person in the middle using two oars and the other two using one oar each. 2. the method for rowing such a boat. /rænˈdæn; ˈrændæn/ noun 1. a boat rowed by three people, in which the person in the middle uses two oars […]

  • R-and-d

    1. research and development.

  • Randem

    /ˈrændɛm/ adverb 1. with three horses harnessed together as a team noun 2. a carriage or team of horses so driven

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