a guaranteed minimum amount or number used to compute advertising rates, as the number of subscribers to a publication.
a basic amount or number used to compute charges to a customer, as the number of monthly phone calls.
the valuation of property upon which tax rates are based.


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  • Rate-capping

    noun the setting of an upper limit for rates charged, esp. the interest rate on an adjustable rate loan

  • Rate-cap

    /ˈreɪtˌkæp/ verb (transitive) -caps, -capping, -capped 1. (formerly in Britain) to impose on (a local authority) an upper limit on the level of the rate it may levy

  • Rate-card

    noun 1. a list showing the rates charged by a magazine, newspaper, radio or television station, etc., for various types of advertising.

  • Rated

    [reyt] /reɪt/ noun 1. the amount of a charge or payment with reference to some basis of calculation: a high rate of interest on loans. 2. a certain quantity or amount of one thing considered in relation to a unit of another thing and used as a standard or measure: at the rate of 60 […]

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