verb (used without object)
to denounce or deprecate as a political radical, especially to accuse of being communist.


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  • Red-bank

    noun 1. a borough in E central New Jersey.

  • Redbank-whiteoak

    [red-bank hwahyt-ohk, wahyt-] /ˈrɛdˌbænk ˈʰwaɪtˌoʊk, ˈwaɪt-/ noun 1. a city in S Tennessee.

  • Red bark

    noun 1. a kind of cinchona containing a high proportion of alkaloids

  • Red-bay

    noun 1. an evergreen tree, Persea borbonia, of the eastern coast of the U.S., having faintly bluish-green leaves and blue or blue-black, red-stalked fruit, grown as an ornamental.

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