(prenominal) (of a telephone call) made at the recipient’s expense US equivalent collect


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  • Reverse-commuter

    noun 1. a commuter who lives in a city and commutes to a job in the suburbs.

  • Reverse-curve

    noun 1. an S -shaped curve, as on highways and railroad tracks, produced by the joining of two curves that turn in opposite directions.

  • Reversed

    adjective 1. opposite or contrary in position, direction, order, or character: an impression reverse to what was intended; in reverse sequence. 2. with the back or rear part toward the observer: the reverse side of a fabric. 3. pertaining to or producing movement in a mechanism opposite to that made under ordinary running conditions: a […]

  • Reversed coarctation

    reversed coarctation re·versed coarctation (rĭ-vûrst’) n. Aortic arch syndrome in which blood pressure in the arms is lower than that in the legs.

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