the original copy of a number of typewritten copies (distinguished from carbon copy).


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  • Ribbon-development

    noun 1. housing or commercial buildings built along a stretch of road. ribbon development noun 1. (Brit) the building of houses in a continuous row along a main road: common in England between the two World Wars

  • Ribbonfish

    noun, plural (especially collectively) ribbonfish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) ribbonfishes. 1. any of several marine fishes of the families Trachipteridae, Regalicidae, and Lophotidae, having a long, compressed, ribbonlike body. 2. any of several related fishes, as the oarfish. 3. any of several unrelated but similar fishes, as the cutlassfish and […]

  • Ribbon-lightning

    noun 1. a repeated lightning discharge in which successive strokes are displaced from each other by wind, resulting in a broadened appearance.

  • Ribbon-microphone

    noun 1. a microphone that utilizes a metal ribbon suspended in a magnetic field. ribbon microphone noun 1. a type of microphone in which the conductor is a thin ribbon of aluminium alloy moving perpendicularly in a magnetic field. It is strongly directional and can be used to reduce unwanted side noise

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