a rocket-propelled aircraft or spacecraft.


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  • Rocket-sled

    noun 1. a sled propelled along a long track by rocket engines, for testing the effects of high rates of acceleration and deceleration.

  • Rocketsonde

    noun, Meteorology. 1. a telemeter for gathering data on the atmosphere at very high altitudes, carried aloft by rocket and returned to earth by parachute. rocketsonde (rŏk’ĭt-sŏnd’) An instrument transported to the upper atmosphere by rocket, used to study meteorological conditions. A rocketsonde is capable of measuring and transmitting information to altitudes of about 76,000 […]

  • Rockeye

    noun 1. a 500-pound (225-kg) U.S. cluster bomb, consisting of 247 two-pound (0.9 kg) fragmentation bombs, designed for use against tanks.

  • Rockface

    noun 1. an exposure of rock in a steep slope or cliff.

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