a town in central Connecticut.


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  • Rocky-mount

    noun 1. a city in NE North Carolina.

  • Rocky mountain basic

    language The BASIC language used by Hewlett Packard on their 680×0-based computers. Rocky Mountain Basic is good for interfaces to IEEE 488 controls and contains many mathematical and matrix functions. It has about 600 commands. Typical applications include automatic test stations. (1996-04-28)

  • Rocky-mountain-beeplant

    [bee-plant, -plahnt] /ˈbiˌplænt, -ˌplɑnt/ noun 1. a rank-smelling plant, Cleome serrulata, of the caper family, native to the western U.S., having showy, dense clusters of pink or white flowers, frequented by bees.

  • Rocky-mountain-bighorn

    noun 1. bighorn.

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