furnished with a rostrum.
(biology) having a beak or beaklike process

rostrate ros·trate (rŏs’trāt’, -trĭt)
Having a beaklike part.


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  • Rostrocarinate

    [ros-troh-kar-uh-neyt, -nit] /ˌrɒs troʊˈkær əˌneɪt, -nɪt/ noun 1. a chipped flint with a beaklike shape found in the late Tertiary sediments of Suffolk, England, once thought to have been worked by humans but now known to have been shaped by natural nonhuman agencies.

  • Rostropovich

    [ros-truh-poh-vich; Russian ruh-struh-paw-vyich] /ˌrɒs trəˈpoʊ vɪtʃ; Russian rʌ strəˈpɔ vyɪtʃ/ noun 1. Mstislav (Leopoldovich) [mis-tuh-slahv lee-uh-pohl-duh-vich;; Russian mstyi-slahf lyi-uh-pawl-duh-vyich] /ˈmɪs təˌslɑv ˌli əˈpoʊl də vɪtʃ;; Russian mstyɪˈslɑf lyɪ əˈpɔl də vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1927–2007, Soviet cellist and conductor (husband of Galina Vishnevskaya). Rostropovich /ˌrɒstrəˈpəʊvɪtʃ; Russian rəstraˈpɔvitʃ/ noun 1. Mstislav Leopoldovich (ˈmɪstɪslɑːv; Russian mstiˈslaf leaˈpɔldavitʃ). 1927–2007, […]

  • Rostrum

    noun, plural rostra [ros-truh] /ˈrɒs trə/ (Show IPA), rostrums. 1. any platform, stage, or the like, for public speaking. 2. a pulpit. 3. a beaklike projection from the prow of a ship, especially one on an ancient warship for ramming an enemy ship; beak; ram. 4. Roman Antiquity. (in the forum) the raised platform, adorned […]

  • Rose-madder

    noun 1. a pigment derived from anthraquinone and hydrated oxide of aluminum, characterized chiefly by its reddish color and permanence: used in painting. Compare madder lake (def 2).

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