a short coat or jacket with a straight back and no seam at the waist.


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  • Sack-dress

    noun 1. a loose, unbelted dress that hangs straight from the shoulder to the hemline. noun a woman’s straight unfitted dress that resembles a sack

  • Sack duty

    sack duty

  • Sacked

    noun 1. a large bag of strong, coarsely woven material, as for grain, potatoes, or coal. 2. the amount a sack holds. 3. a bag: a sack of candy. 4. Slang. dismissal or discharge, as from a job: to get the sack. 5. Slang. bed: I bet he’s still in the sack. 6. Also, sacque. […]

  • Sacker

    noun 1. bagger (def 1). 2. Baseball. a baseman: a slick-fielding third sacker. noun 1. a person who sacks; plunderer; pillager. sacker

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