noun, British.
sailing boat
a boat propelled chiefly by sail


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  • Sailing-length

    noun 1. a measurement of a yacht, comprising its length on the water line as well as certain measurements taken from the overhangs at bow and stern.

  • Sailing-ship

    noun 1. a large ship equipped with sails. sailing ship noun 1. a large sailing vessel

  • Sailmaker

    noun 1. a person who makes or repairs sails. 2. a former rank of warrant officer in the U.S. Navy.

  • Sailor

    noun 1. a person whose occupation is sailing or navigation; mariner. 2. a seaman below the rank of officer. 3. a naval enlistee. 4. a person adept at sailing, especially with reference to freedom from seasickness: He was such a bad sailor that he always traveled to Europe by plane. 5. a flat-brimmed straw hat […]

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