a variant spelling of Salic


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  • Salisbury-plain

    noun 1. a plateau in S England, N of Salisbury: the site of Stonehenge. Salisbury Plain noun 1. an open chalk plateau in S England, in Wiltshire: site of Stonehenge; military training area. Average height: 120 m (400 ft)

  • Salisbury-steak

    noun 1. ground beef, sometimes mixed with other foods, shaped like a hamburger patty and broiled or fried, often garnished or served with a sauce.

  • Salish

    noun 1. a member of any of various North American Indian peoples speaking a Salishan language. noun 1. a family of North American Indian languages spoken in the northwestern US and W Canada 2. (functioning as pl) the Salish, the peoples collectively who speak these languages, divided in Canada into the Coast Salish and the […]

  • Salishan

    noun 1. a family of American Indian languages including Coeur d’Alêne, Kalispel, and other languages of British Columbia and the northwestern U.S. adjective 2. of, relating to, or characteristic of this language family or its speakers.

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