a male given name, form of Samson.


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  • Sanson-flamsteed projection

    /ˈsænsənˈflæmstiːd/ noun 1. another name for sinusoidal projection

  • Sans-peur-et-sans-reproche

    [sahn pœr ey sahn ruh-prawsh] /sɑ̃ pœr eɪ sɑ̃ rə prɔʃ/ adjective, French. 1. without fear and without reproach: said originally of the French knight, the Seigneur de Bayard.

  • Sans-serif

    noun, Printing. 1. a style of monotonal type without serifs. noun 1. a style of printer’s typeface in which the characters have no serifs

  • Sans-souci

    adjective, French. 1. without worry: carefree.

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