[soun ber-nahr-doo doo kahn-poo] /ˈsãʊ̃ bɛrˈnɑr dʊ dʊ ˈkɑ̃ pʊ/
a city in SE Brazil, SE of São Paulo.


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  • Sao-caetano-do-sul

    [soun kahy-tah-noo doo sool] /ˈsãʊ̃ kaɪˈtɑ nʊ dʊ ˈsul/ noun 1. a city in SE Brazil, SE of São Paulo.

  • Sao-carlos

    noun 1. a city in São Paulo state, SE Brazil.

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  • Sao-goncalo

    noun 1. a city in SE Brazil, NE of Rio de Janeiro.

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