an instrument used to bend out slightly the point of each alternate tooth of a saw so that the kerf made by the saw will be wider than its blade.
a tool used for setting the teeth of a saw, consisting of a type of clamp used to bend each tooth in turn at a slight angle to the plane of the saw to improve cutting, alternate teeth being bent in the same direction


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  • Sawtimber

    noun 1. trees suitable for sawing into planks, boards, etc.

  • Sawtooth

    noun, plural sawteeth [saw-teeth] /ˈsɔˌtiθ/ (Show IPA) 1. one of the cutting teeth of a saw. 2. any of the small parallel roof structures forming a sawtooth roof. adjective 3. having a zigzag profile, similar to that of the cutting edge of a saw; sawtoothed; serrate: a sawtooth mountain range. adjective 1. (of a waveform) […]

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    adjective 1. having pointing resembling the edge of a saw. 2. serrate.

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    noun 1. a roof composed of a series of small parallel roofs of triangular cross section, usually asymmetrical with the shorter slope glazed.

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