an ancient commentator on the classics.
a person who writes scholia.
a medieval annotator, esp of classical texts


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  • Scholium

    noun, plural scholia [skoh-lee-uh] /ˈskoʊ li ə/ (Show IPA) 1. Often, scholia. an explanatory note or comment. an ancient annotation upon a passage in a Greek or Latin text. 2. a note added to illustrate or amplify, as in a mathematical work. noun (pl) -lia (-lɪə) 1. a commentary or annotation, esp on a classical […]

  • Schollander

    noun 1. Donald (“Don”) born 1946, U.S. swimmer.

  • Schonbein

    noun 1. Christian Friedrich [kris-tee-ahn free-drikh] /ˈkrɪs tiˌɑn ˈfri drɪx/ (Show IPA), 1799–1868, Swiss chemist.

  • Schone mullerin

    [German dee shœ-nuh my-ler-in] /German di ˈʃœ nə ˈmü lɛr ɪn/ noun 1. a song cycle (1823), by Franz Schubert, consisting of 20 songs set to poems by Wilhelm Müller.

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