[sin-tl-ey-ter] /ˈsɪn tlˌeɪ tər/
noun, Physics.
a phosphor capable of producing scintillations.
(physics) a phosphor that produces scintillations

scintillator scin·til·la·tor (sĭn’tl-ā’tər)
A substance that glows when hit by high-energy particles or photons.


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  • Scintillation-spectrometer

    noun 1. a scintillation counter adapted for measuring the energy distribution of particles emitted in radioactive processes.

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    noun 1. a device for detecting and measuring radioactivity, having a crystal scintillator, a photoelectric cell sensitive to the light from scintillations, and an amplifier. scintillation counter noun 1. an instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity of high-energy radiation. It consists of a phosphor with which particles collide producing flashes of light that are […]

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    [sin-tl-ey-shuh n] /ˌsɪn tlˈeɪ ʃən/ noun 1. the act of scintillating; sparkling. 2. a spark or flash. 3. Astronomy. the twinkling or tremulous effect of the light of the stars. 4. Meteorology. any small-scale twinkling or shimmering of objects that are viewed through the atmosphere, caused by an interception of the observer’s line of view […]

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