scleroatrophy scle·ro·at·ro·phy (sklēr’ō-āt’rə-fē)
See sclerotylosis.


Read Also:

  • Scleroblastema

    scleroblastema scle·ro·blas·te·ma (sklēr’ō-blās-stē’mə) n. The embryonic tissue that forms bones.

  • Scleroconjunctival

    scleroconjunctival scle·ro·con·junc·ti·val (sklēr’ō-kŏn’jŭngk-tī’vəl) n. Of or relating to the sclera and the conjunctiva.

  • Sclerocornea

    sclerocornea scle·ro·cor·ne·a (sklēr’ō-kôr’nē-ə) n. The cornea and sclera regarded as forming together the hard outer coat of the eye. A congenital anomaly in which all or part of the cornea is opaque and resembles the sclera.

  • Sclerocorneal junction

    sclerocorneal junction scle·ro·cor·ne·al junction (sklēr’ō-kôr’nē-əl) n. See corneal margin.

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