a group of persons conducting an organized search for someone or something lost or hidden.
search party
a group of people taking part in an organized search, as for a lost, missing, or wanted person


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  • Search problem

    computability A computational problem that requires identifying a solution from some, possibly infinite, solution space (set of possible solutions). E.g. “What is the millionth prime number?”. This contrasts with a decision problem which merely asks whether a given answer is a solution or not. (1999-02-15)

  • Search-term

    noun 1. Computers. a word or other term used to electronically retrieve data, Web pages, or other information from files, databases, etc.: When you search the shopping website, ads relating to your search terms will appear along with your search results.

  • Search the fucking web

    World-Wide Web, jargon (Always abbreviated STFW) A response implying that an inquirer could have easily found an answer to his question using a World-Wide Web search engine such as Google. It is now often quicker and more productive to search the World-Wide Web than to RTFM. (2003-09-11)

  • Search-warrant

    noun, Law. 1. a court order authorizing the examination of a dwelling or other private premises by police officials, as for stolen goods. search warrant noun 1. a written order issued by a justice of the peace authorizing a constable or other officer to enter and search premises for stolen goods, drugs, etc

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