examining carefully or thoroughly:
a searching inspection.
acutely observant or penetrating:
a searching glance; a searching mind.
piercing or sharp:
a searching wind.
keenly penetrating: a searching look


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  • Searchless

    adjective 1. unsearchable; inscrutable.

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    noun 1. a device, usually consisting of a light and reflector, for throwing a beam of light in any direction. 2. a beam of light so thrown. noun 1. a device, consisting of a light source and a reflecting surface behind it, that projects a powerful beam of light in a particular direction 2. the […]

  • Search order

    noun (law) 1. an injunction allowing a person to enter the premises of another to search for and take copies of evidence required for a court case, used esp in cases of infringement of copyright Former name Anton Piller order

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    noun 1. a group of persons conducting an organized search for someone or something lost or hidden. search party noun 1. a group of people taking part in an organized search, as for a lost, missing, or wanted person

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