Secondary axis

secondary axis n.
Any of several hypothetical lines passing through the optical center of a lens.


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  • Secondary-battery

    noun 1. storage battery.

  • Secondary-beam

    noun, Physics. 1. a beam of particles of one kind selected from the group of particles produced when a beam of particles from an accelerator (primary beam) strikes a target.

  • Secondary-boycott

    noun 1. a boycott by union members against their employer in order to induce the employer to bring pressure on another company involved in a labor dispute with the union.

  • Secondary cache

    memory management (Or “second level cache”, “level two cache”, “L2 cache”) A larger, slower cache between the primary cache and main memory. Whereas the primary cache is often on the same integrated circuit as the central processing unit (CPU), a secondary cache is usually external. (1997-06-25)

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