Secondary drive

secondary drive n.
A drive not directly related to a biological need. Also called acquired drive.


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  • Secondary dysmenorrhea

    secondary dysmenorrhea n. Dysmenorrhea due to inflammation, infection, tumor, or anatomical factors.

  • Secondary electron

    secondary electron An electron produced by secondary emission.

  • Secondary-emission

    noun 1. the emission of electrons (secondary electrons) from a material that is bombarded with electrons or ions. secondary emission noun 1. (physics) the emission of electrons (secondary electrons) from a solid as a result of bombardment with a beam of electrons, ions, or metastable atoms: used in electron multipliers secondary emission The emission of […]

  • Secondary encephalitis

    secondary encephalitis n. A usually demyelinating form of encephalitis contracted following vaccination for smallpox or during convalescence from measles, mumps, varicella, and certain other infectious diseases.

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