the remuneration paid to a member of the Canadian parliament.


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  • Session initiation protocol

    protocol (SIP) A very simple text-based application-layer control protocol. It creates, modifies, and terminates sessions with one or more participants. Such sessions include Internet telephony and multimedia conferences. It is described in RFC 2543. (2000-05-31)

  • Session layer

    networking The third highest protocol layer (layer 5) in the OSI seven layer model. The session layer uses the transport layer to establish a connection between processes on different hosts. It handles security and creation of the session. It is used by the presentation layer. Documents: ITU Rec. X.225 (ISO 8327), ITU Rec. X.215 (ISO […]

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    noun, plural sessionmen. 1. a professional musician who does studio recording work but is not a member of an established performing group.

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    noun 1. a studio musician, esp one who works freelance noun a freelance musician hired to play for a recording session Usage Note music

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