(Indian) an expression meaning well done; bravo


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  • Shabbas

    noun, Yiddish. 1. Sabbath (def 1).

  • Shabbas-goy

    noun, Yiddish. 1. a gentile who performs tasks for Jews in the home or synagogue on the Sabbath or on a holy day that are forbidden Jews on such occasions, as turning on the lights or heat.

  • Shabbat

    noun, Hebrew. 1. Sabbath (def 1). noun (pl) Shabbatot (ˌʃɑːbɑːˈtot), Shabbosos (ʃɑːˈbosəs), Shabbosim (ʃɑːbosəm) 1. (Judaism) another word for the Sabbath

  • Shabbes

    noun, Yiddish. 1. Sabbath (def 1).

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