Shopping-bag lady

[shop-ing-bag] /ˈʃɒp ɪŋˌbæg/
bag lady (def 1).
bag lady


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  • Shopping basket

    noun 1. a metal or plastic container with one or two handles, used to carry shopping in a shop 2. the list of items an internet shopper chooses to buy at one time from a website

  • Shopping-cart

    noun 1. a four-wheeled cart provided by a supermarket or other retail store for a customer’s use in collecting purchases. shopping cart noun 1. the usual US and Canadian word for shopping basket

  • Shopping-center

    noun 1. a group of stores within a single architectural plan, supplying most of the basic shopping needs, especially in suburban areas.

  • Shopping centre

    noun 1. a purpose-built complex of shops, restaurants, etc, for the use of pedestrians 2. the area of a town where most of the shops are situated

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