sialolith si·a·lo·lith (sī’ə-lō-lĭth’, sī-āl’ə-)
A calculus occurring in a salivary gland or duct.


Read Also:

  • Sialolithiasis

    sialolithiasis si·a·lo·li·thi·a·sis (sī’ə-lō-lĭ-thī’ə-sĭs) n. Formation or presence of a salivary calculus.

  • Sialolithotomy

    sialolithotomy si·a·lo·li·thot·o·my (sī’ə-lō-lĭ-thŏt’ə-mē) n. Incision into a salivary duct or gland to remove a calculus.

  • Sialometaplasia

    sialometaplasia si·a·lo·met·a·pla·sia (sī’ə-lō-mět’ə-plā’zhə, -zhē-ə) n. Squamous cell metaplasia in the salivary ducts.

  • Sialorrhea

    sialorrhea si·a·lor·rhe·a or si·a·lor·rhoe·a (sī’ə-lō-rē’ə, sī-āl’ə-) n. See ptyalism.

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