(mainly Brit) an area made slippery so that vehicle drivers can practise controlling skids


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  • Skidproof

    adjective 1. preventing or resistant to skidding, as certain road surfaces or vehicle tires. adjective 1. (of a road surface, tyre, etc) preventing or resistant to skidding

  • Skid-row

    noun 1. an area of cheap barrooms and run-down hotels, frequented by alcoholics and vagrants. noun 1. (slang, mainly US & Canadian) a dilapidated section of a city inhabited by vagrants, etc skidoo A squalid district inhabited by derelicts and vagrants; also, a life of impoverished dissipation. For example, That part of town is our […]

  • Skidway

    noun 1. a road or path formed of logs, planks, etc., for sliding objects. 2. a platform, usually inclined, for piling logs to be sawed or to be loaded onto a vehicle. noun (mainly US & Canadian) 1. a platform on which logs ready for sawing are piled 2. a track made of logs for […]

  • Skiech

    adjective, adverb, Scot. 1. skeigh. adjective 1. (of horses) spirited; inclined to shy. 2. (of women) proud; disdainful. adverb 3. proudly.

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