former name of Fergana.


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  • Skoda

    noun 1. Emil von [e-mil-fuh n] /ˈɛ mɪl fən/ (Show IPA), 1839–1900, Czech engineer and manufacturer of artillery.

  • Skodaic resonance

    skodaic resonance sko·da·ic resonance (skō-dā’ĭk) n. A high-pitched sound elicited by percussing just above the site of a pleuritic effusion.

  • Skokie

    noun 1. a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago.

  • Skol

    sentence substitute 1. good health! (a drinking toast) verb (transitive) skols, skolling, skolled 2. (Austral, informal) to down (an alcoholic drink) in one go Fortran pre-processor for COS (Cray Operating System).

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