Smear test

(med) another name for Pap test

smear test n.
See Pap test.


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  • Smear-word

    noun 1. a slanderous, vilifying epithet.

  • Smeary

    adjective, smearier, smeariest. 1. showing smears; smeared. 2. tending to smear or soil. adjective -rier, -riest 1. smeared, dirty; blurred by smearing

  • Smeaton

    noun 1. John, 1724–92, English engineer.

  • Smectic

    adjective, Physical Chemistry. (of liquid crystals) 1. noting a mesomorphic state in which the arrangement of the molecules is in layers or planes. adjective 1. (chem) (of a substance) existing in or having a mesomorphic state in which the molecules are oriented in layers Compare nematic See also liquid crystal

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