a town in N Rhode Island.


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  • Smithfield-ham

    Trademark. 1. Virginia ham. noun a lean country-cured Virginia ham that goes through elaborate curing, seasoning, smoking, and aging Word Origin hams from Smithfield, Virginia area Usage Note cooking

  • Smithing

    noun 1. a worker in metal. 2. a blacksmith. verb (used with object) 3. to forge on an anvil; form by heating and pounding: to smith armor. noun 1. a person who works in metal, esp one who shapes metal by hammering (in combination): a silversmith 2. See blacksmith noun 1. Adam. 1723–90, Scottish economist […]

  • Smith-island

    noun 1. a group of islands in S Maryland and N Virginia, in Chesapeake Bay.

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    noun 1. James, 1765–1829, English chemist and mineralogist. noun 1. James. original name James Lewes Macie. 1765–1829, English chemist and mineralogist, who left a bequest to found the Smithsonian Institution

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