Snowshoe cat

a breed of cat with soft short hair, blue eyes, an inverted V-shaped marking on the face, and white feet


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  • Snowshoe-hare

    noun 1. a large-footed North American hare, Lepus americanus, that is white in winter and dark brown in summer. snowshoe hare noun 1. a N North American hare, Lepus americanus, having brown fur in summer, white fur in winter, and heavily furred feet

  • Snowshoe hare virus

    snowshoe hare virus snow·shoe hare virus (snō’shōō’) n. An arbovirus that is most commonly found in North America and that causes fever, headache, and nausea in humans.

  • Snowslide

    noun 1. an avalanche consisting largely or entirely of snow.

  • Snows-of-kilimanjaro

    noun 1. a short story (1936) by Ernest Hemingway.

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