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Socket 6

x86 processor socket


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  • Socket 7

    hardware, standard A physical and electrical specification for the x86 processor socket matching the pins on Pentium microprocessors manufactured by Intel, and compatibles made by Cyrix, AMD and others. Any CPU chip conforming to this specification can be plugged into any conforming motherboard. Supported processors include: 2.5V – 3.5V Pentiums 75-233 MHz, AMD K5 through […]

  • Socketed

    noun 1. a hollow part or piece for receiving and holding some part or thing. 2. Electricity. a device intended to hold an electric light bulb mechanically and connect it electrically to circuit wires. Also called wall socket. a socket placed in a wall to receive a plug that makes an electrical connection with supply […]

  • Socket-wrench

    noun 1. a box wrench with a socket that is an extension of the shank. socket wrench noun 1. a wrench having a handle onto which socketed heads of various sizes can be fitted Also socket set

  • Sockeye

    [sok-ahy] /ˈsɒkˌaɪ/ noun 1. an important food fish, Oncorhynchus nerka, inhabiting the North Pacific. noun 1. a Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, having red flesh and valued as a food fish Also called red salmon

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