noun, plural specula
[spek-yuh-luh] /ˈspɛk yə lə/ (Show IPA), speculums.
a mirror or reflector, especially one of polished metal, as on a reflecting telescope.
speculum metal.
Surgery. an instrument for rendering a part accessible to observation, as by enlarging an orifice.
Ornithology. a lustrous or specially colored area on the wings of certain birds.
noun (pl) -la (-lə), -lums
a mirror, esp one made of polished metal for use in a telescope, etc
(med) an instrument for dilating a bodily cavity or passage to permit examination of its interior
a patch of distinctive colour on the wing of a bird, esp in certain ducks

speculum spec·u·lum (spěk’yə-ləm)
n. pl. spec·u·lums or spec·u·la (-lə)

A mirror or polished metal plate that is used as a reflector in optical instruments.

An instrument that is used to dilate the opening of a body cavity for medical examination.


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