being in the shape of a wedge; wedge-shaped.
having the shape of a wedge


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  • Sphenion

    sphenion sphe·ni·on (sfē’nē-ŏn’) n. The tip of the sphenoidal angle of the parietal bone, used as a craniometric point.

  • Spheno-

    1. a combining form meaning “wedge,” used in the formation of compound words: sphenography. combining form 1. having the shape of a wedge: sphenogram spheno- or sphen- pref. Wedge; wedge-shaped: sphenocephaly.

  • Sphenocephaly

    sphenocephaly sphe·no·ceph·a·ly (sfē’nō-sěf’ə-lē) n. The condition of having a wedge-shaped head.

  • Sphenodon

    noun 1. tuatara. noun 1. the technical name for the tuatara

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