Spheroid joint

spheroid joint n.
See ball-and-socket joint.


Read Also:

  • Spherometer

    noun 1. an instrument for measuring the curvature of spheres and curved surfaces. noun 1. an instrument for measuring the curvature of a surface

  • Spherophakia

    spherophakia spher·o·pha·ki·a (sfēr’ə-fā’kē-ə, sfěr’ə-) n. A congenital bilateral anomaly in which the lenses of the eye are small, spherical, and prone to subluxation. Also called microphakia.

  • Spheroplast

    noun, Bacteriology. 1. a Gram-negative bacterial cell with a cell wall that has been altered or is partly missing, resulting in a spherical shape.

  • Spherule

    noun 1. a small sphere or spherical body. noun 1. a very small sphere or globule

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