a small can whose contents are in aerosol form.
Compare aerosol bomb.
the contents of such a can or the amount it holds:
She used two spray cans of white enamel to paint the cupboard.


Read Also:

  • Spray-millet

    noun 1. the seeds of millet left on the spike and sold in pet shops for cage birds.

  • Spray-paint

    verb (used with object) 1. to cover, mark, draw, or write with spray paint. noun 1. paint that is packaged in an aerosol container for spraying directly onto a surface.

  • Spray-skirt

    noun 1. a piece of waterproof material that fits around the paddler and opening of a kayak to keep water out of the craft.

  • Spray-tank

    noun 1. a closed tank into which air is pumped to force out a liquid, especially for a spray.

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