a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one rod on each side.


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  • Square-root

    noun 1. a quantity of which a given quantity is the square: The quantities +6 and −6 are square roots of 36 since (+6)×(+6)=36 and (−6)×(−6)=36. noun 1. a number or quantity that when multiplied by itself gives a given number or quantity: 2 is a square root of 4, usually written √4 or 41/2 […]

  • Square-sail

    noun, Nautical. 1. a sail set beneath a horizontal yard, the normal position of which, when not trimmed to the wind, is directly athwartships. noun 1. (nautical) a rectangular or square sail set on a horizontal yard rigged more or less athwartships

  • Square-serif

    noun, Typography. 1. a font of type having serifs with a weight equal to or greater than that of the main strokes. Compare Egyptian (def 5).

  • Square-set

    noun, Mining. 1. a set having 12 timbers joined to form eight 90° solid angles.

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