verb (used with or without object), noun


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  • Squshy

    adjective, squshier, squshiest. 1. squishy.

  • Squush

    verb (used with or without object), noun 1. squish.

  • Squushy

    adjective, squushier, squushiest. 1. squishy.

  • Sr

    1. steradian. Symbol, Chemistry. 1. strontium. 1. seaman recruit. 1. Ecclesiastical. Sister. 1. Senhor. 2. Senior. 3. Señor. 4. Sir. 1. Sons of the Revolution. symbol 1. steradian abbreviation 1. Suriname abbreviation 1. (after a name) senior 2. Señor 3. Sir 4. Sister (religious) Chemical symbol 5. strontium Sr The symbol for the element strontium. […]

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