financial support extended by a state government to a local institution serving the public, as a school or library.


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  • State-attorney

    noun 1. state’s attorney. state’s attorney or state attorney noun 1. (in judicial proceedings) the legal representative of the state.

  • State-bank

    noun 1. a bank chartered by a state and operated under the banking laws of that state. noun 1. (in the US) a commercial bank incorporated under a State charter and not required to be a member of the Federal Reserve System Compare national bank

  • State-bird

    noun 1. a bird chosen as an official symbol of a U.S. state.

  • State-capitalism

    noun 1. a form of capitalism in which the central government controls most of the capital, industry, natural resources, etc. state capitalism noun 1. a form of capitalism in which the state owns or controls most of the means of production and other capital: often very similar to state socialism

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