of, pertaining to, consisting of, or based on statistics.
of or relating to statistics


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  • Statistical analysis system

    language (SAS) A statistical and matrix handling language with PL/I-like syntax. [“A User’s Guide to SAS”, A.J. Barr, SAS Inst 1976]. (1994-12-12)

  • Statistical dependence

    noun 1. a condition in which two random variables are not independent. X and Y are positively dependent if the conditional probability, P(X|Y), of X given Y is greater than the probability, P(X), of X, or equivalently if P(X&Y) >P(X).P(Y). They are negatively dependent if the inequalities are reversed

  • Statistical-independence

    noun, Statistics. 1. the condition or state of events or values of being statistically independent.

  • Statistical inference

    noun 1. the theory, methods, and practice of forming judgments about the parameters of a population, usually on the basis of random sampling Also called inferential statistics Compare hypothesis testing

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