stupid; half-witted.
a stupid person.


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    verb, noun 1. a Scot word for stand

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    verb (used with or without object), noun 1. stanch1 . adjective, stauncher, staunchest. 1. firm or steadfast in principle, adherence, loyalty, etc., as a person: a staunch Republican; a staunch friend. 2. characterized by firmness, steadfastness, or loyalty: He delivered a staunch defense of the government. 3. strong; substantial: a staunch little hut in the […]

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    verb (used with or without object), noun 1. stanch1 . adjective 1. loyal, firm, and dependable: a staunch supporter 2. solid or substantial in construction 3. (rare) (of a ship, etc) watertight; seaworthy verb, noun 1. a variant spelling of stanch

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    noun 1. exercise bicycle. exercise bicycle noun 1. any of various stationary exercise apparatuses that resemble a bicycle, usually having handlebars, a seat, pedals, a device for adjusting tension or resistance in the pedaling mechanism, and sometimes a single front wheel: used especially to improve the cardiovascular system.

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