having the front or outer surfaces covered with or characterized by steel.


Read Also:

  • Steel-gray

    noun 1. dark metallic gray with a bluish tinge.

  • Steel-guitar

    noun 1. an acoustic, hand-held guitar having a metal resonator and producing a wailing, variable sound. 2. a pedal steel guitar. 3. a Hawaiian guitar. steel guitar noun 1. See Hawaiian guitar, pedal steel guitar

  • Steelhead

    noun, plural steelheads (especially collectively) steelhead. 1. a silvery rainbow trout that migrates to the sea before returning to fresh water to spawn. noun (pl) -heads, -head 1. a silvery North Pacific variety of the rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)

  • Steelie

    noun 1. a playing marble made of steel. noun, Informal. 1. steelhead.

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