noun, Photogrammetry.
a pair of photographs of the same area taken from slightly different positions so as to give a stereoscopic effect when properly mounted and viewed.


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  • Stereopathy

    stereopathy ster·e·op·a·thy (stěr’ē-ŏp’ə-thē, stēr’-) n. Persistent stereotyped thinking.

  • Stereophonic

    [ster-ee-uh-fon-ik, steer-] /ˌstɛr i əˈfɒn ɪk, ˌstɪər-/ adjective 1. pertaining to a system of sound recording or reproduction using two or more separate channels to produce a more realistic effect by capturing the spatial dimensions of a performance (the location of performers as well as their acoustic surroundings), used especially with high-fidelity recordings and reproduction […]

  • Stereophony

    noun 1. the state or condition of being stereophonic.

  • Stereophotography

    [ster-ee-oh-fuh-tog-ruh-fee, steer-] /ˌstɛr i oʊ fəˈtɒg rə fi, ˌstɪər-/ noun 1. photography producing stereoscopic images.

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