Stick of tea

stick one’s neck out


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  • Stick-on

    noun 1. a label, sticker, or the like, that has an adhesive backing. noun 1. (informal) an event with a certain outcome

  • Stickout

    noun 1. a person who is outstanding or conspicuous, usually for superior endowments, talents, etc.: Jimmy Brown is the stickout among running backs. adjective 2. outstanding; conspicuous: a stickout actor.

  • Stickpin

    noun 1. a decorative straight pin with a jeweled or ornamented head and a long shaft with a sheath for encasing the point, used for holding an ascot or necktie in place.

  • Sticks

    noun 1. a branch or shoot of a tree or shrub that has been cut or broken off. 2. a relatively long and slender piece of wood. 3. a long piece of wood for use as fuel, in carpentry, etc. 4. a rod or wand. 5. a baton. 6. Chiefly British. a walking stick or […]

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