Stinking badger

another name for teledu


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  • Stinking-cedar

    noun 1. an evergreen tree, Torreya taxifolia, of the yew family, native to Florida, having rank-smelling foliage and dark-green, egg-shaped fruit.

  • Stinking-chamomile

    noun 1. mayweed.

  • Stinking-clover

    noun 1. Rocky Mountain beeplant. Rocky Mountain beeplant [bee-plant, -plahnt] /ˈbiˌplænt, -ˌplɑnt/ noun 1. a rank-smelling plant, Cleome serrulata, of the caper family, native to the western U.S., having showy, dense clusters of pink or white flowers, frequented by bees.

  • Stinking iris

    noun 1. an iris plant, Iris foetidissima, of W Europe and N Africa, having purplish flowers and a strong unpleasant smell when bruised Also called gladdon

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