like a block of wood; stupid.
stupid or dull


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  • Stockist

    noun, British. 1. a wholesale or retail establishment that stocks merchandise. noun 1. (commerce, Brit) a dealer who undertakes to maintain stocks of a specified product at or above a certain minimum in return for favourable buying terms granted by the manufacturer of the product

  • Stockjobber

    noun 1. a stock salesperson, especially one who sells or promotes worthless securities. 2. British. a stock-exchange operator who acts as an intermediary between brokers. noun 1. (Brit) (formerly) a wholesale dealer on a stock exchange who sold securities to brokers without transacting directly with the public Often shortened to jobber See also market maker […]

  • Stock-ledger

    or stock book noun 1. a permanent record of the capital stock of a corporation, listing the names and addresses of the stockholders, the number of the shares owned, the serial numbers of their stock certificates, etc. 2. stores ledger.

  • Stockless

    adjective 1. having no stock, as an anchor.

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